Looking Forward


Ya know, anytime I look back and reflect on memories, I inevitably start to look forward and wonder, "What experiences will I look back on that I haven't yet experienced?" Or, in regards to cake, "What trends haven't been invented yet?" "What is the new blushy peach going to be?" Today, we're going to explore some of those ideas! The mystery of the future can be an exciting one when it comes to the creative world. Trend forecasting, from where I'm sitting, is often all about predicting trends that we HOPE to see a lot of! It's a new year, so let's liven up our parties and taste buds with some awesome new trends! BRING IT ON 2017!!!

Let's start with a trend that we all know and love- MARBLED FONDANT! This is a relatively new trend and has no signs of disappearing in the near future. We most often saw this technique employed to replicate an actual marble look utilizing grays, ivories, and other neutral colors. For 2017, I'm seeing bright, bright marbled fondant colors in my crystal ball! When employed with bright colors, the marbled fondant technique takes on a whole new persona- it's dreamy, modern, and even mildly psychedelic! Yeah, baby! This look would be perfect for a super fun, modern bride or even a sweet 16! 

Marbled n' marvelous! 

Marbled n' marvelous! 

Moving on to accent colors, we saw a LOT of blushy pinks and peaches last year. And why wouldn't we? They're such sweet colors, they practically inspire love, so it made sense we worked this lovely color into many a wedding cake. This year, we're having visions of BLUE for the biggest accent color! And I'm not talking about a feeling- I mean the color blue! Royal blue to be precise. This color, in all of its shades has the power to see the mood to instant class and effortless chic. As an added bonus, you can check your "something blue" off of the list! 

I've got the blues- but in a good way!

I've got the blues- but in a good way!

Now on to overall color schemes for your cake! We've seen just about every mix of color combinations you can imagine and it's always such a nice surprise when an unexpected mix of colors work really well together. Like, really well. Who doesn't love a bit of unanticipated inspiration? That's why we're predicting unexpected color schemes as another trend for this year! Scared that a bunch of pastel colors will look to babyish or girly? Think again! We promise you'll be swooning over color combinations you never thought possible.

A color combo to remember!

A color combo to remember!

And there you have it! It's a new year, so let's embrace some new, beautiful things in our lives! Even if it's in just a little piece of cake. 

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Happy 2017, guys! We made it! 

Hard to believe that Charm City Cakes is going to turn 15 this year- we're almost legal to drive!

Whenever one year ends and a new one begins, I'm always reminded of two things: 

1. Even though this year has ended and a new one is beginning, Saturday is still going to become Sunday, time is just marching on as normal in its linear construct.

2. Holy crap a whole year has gone by! I WAS A DIFFERENT PERSON AT THE BEGINNING OF LAST YEAR!

Time moves on, incrementally, and only when so many little moments have gone by can we see how much we've grown and changed. All of this reflection had us digging back in our archives of photos of cakes from years past. Which made me realize something: trends and fads come and go, but certain design elements in our field are always reinventing themselves (flower arrangement, piping, tier proportion...).

What better time to share some pictures of our cakes from back in the day and show their contemporary counterparts than to ring in the new year.

When I look back at these older cakes, there's something there, a certain je ne sais quoi, that shines through linking the older cakes to the new ones, even though the style is different. 

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Looking forward to sharing many more creations with you this year!

Until next time,