Happy 2017, guys! We made it! 

Hard to believe that Charm City Cakes is going to turn 15 this year- we're almost legal to drive!

Whenever one year ends and a new one begins, I'm always reminded of two things: 

1. Even though this year has ended and a new one is beginning, Saturday is still going to become Sunday, time is just marching on as normal in its linear construct.

2. Holy crap a whole year has gone by! I WAS A DIFFERENT PERSON AT THE BEGINNING OF LAST YEAR!

Time moves on, incrementally, and only when so many little moments have gone by can we see how much we've grown and changed. All of this reflection had us digging back in our archives of photos of cakes from years past. Which made me realize something: trends and fads come and go, but certain design elements in our field are always reinventing themselves (flower arrangement, piping, tier proportion...).

What better time to share some pictures of our cakes from back in the day and show their contemporary counterparts than to ring in the new year.

When I look back at these older cakes, there's something there, a certain je ne sais quoi, that shines through linking the older cakes to the new ones, even though the style is different. 

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Looking forward to sharing many more creations with you this year!

Until next time,