We thought that it'd be nice to "duff-fine" some of the operations and projects created by the man who started it all!

Ace of Cakes

Need we say more? Ace of Cakes was filmed from 2005-2010 in our Baltimore studio and aired on the Food Network for ten seasons! A fan favorite, and always near and dear to our hearts.

Charm City Cakes

Founded in 2002 in Baltimore (aka Charm City), Maryland. Serving the area East of the Mississippi.

Charm City Cakes West

In 2011 some of our staff headed West to Los Angeles to bring our insane cakes to the Pacific. Serving the area West of the Mississippi.

Duff's Cakemix

A do-it-yourself cake and cupcake decorating studio located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, just next door to Charm City Cakes West. Where YOU become the decorator.


Cake Masters

If you were a fan of Ace of Cakes, you will love our new show on the Food Network. Catch Duff, Geof and the rest of the crew making mind-blowing cakes in LA starting April 11th!

Kids' Baking Championship

Duff has teamed up with Valerie Bertinelli to see what these young bakers can do, and they don't disappoint.

"Duff Bakes"

If you love to bake, and love Duff, check out his new book "Duff Bakes"!

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