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New Blog, New Sign

Greetings from Baltimore - - inside the bakery at Charm City Cakes! Well, we've finally done it and expanded our site with this new blog. Not only will we keep you up-to-date on all our latest cake creations, but we'll also be showing off exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from the past, present and future of our show, Ace of Cakes. We're especially excited as we have just begun shooting Season 4 of the show for the network, and  have thirteen new episodes on the way!

With the blog we'll be able to let everyone know where we'll be with some of Duff's promotional appearances, share exclusive pics, and feature a variety of guest bloggers from our Charm City family including our bakery AND Ace of Cakes production crew. We'll also be throwing out shout outs to a few of our favorite spots on the web (we're looking at you, Food Network Addict)!, highlight some of the bands and other personal and charity projects we're involved in, answer a few questions, and more...!

This week’s big news is that our building now has an amazing new sign and awning. The incredibly talented folks at Sign Works in Pittsburgh created a gorgeous, custom-made, bigger, badder, awesome sign for our front entrance. The awning above the door has two custom-designed iron cake sculptures on each side…it’s so cool!

Check out these pictures:


That’s it from CCC. More news soon!
-Mary Alice

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