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Top Decorating Questions: ANSWERED!

Some of our most frequently asked questions are about specific tools and techniques we use for decorating cakes. While we certainly wish we could answer every single email, unfortunately there are just too many to send thorough responses to every one. That being the case, in an effort to help, we present to you:

Your top six decorating questions…ANSWERED!

Mary Smith, showing Duff how it's done
Mary Smith shows Duff how it's done

What type of airbrush do you use?
We use a Paasche airbrush. You can get them at most art stores. We hook it up to a Husky compressor. Any size compressor will work, you can get them at any hardware store. We set the pressure to 40 psi. We use Kroma Kolor airbrush paint.

What do you use to make those curly wire thingies?
16-gauge stainless steel wire. You can get it any any hardware store. We shape the wires by hand (well, with pliers, not our hands), and cover the ends with floral tape.

Curly wire thingies
Curly Wire Thingies: It's a technical term.

What kind of silver/gold paint do you use?
We use Luster Dust by CK Products. Most cake supply shops should carry it. We mix the powder with vanilla vodka (which dries instantly) and apply it with a paintbrush or airbrush, depending on the cake.

What kind of fondant do you use?
We use Satin Ice brand fondant. We find it to be the best tasting and easiest to work with. Most cake supply shops should carry it.

Anna making it look easy!
Anna, making it look easy....

Where can I get modeling chocolate?
We get our modeling chocolate from Albert Uster Imports. They cater to larger businesses (they have an order minimum). But you can also make it yourself.

How do I (insert thing you want to know here)?
For lots of great step-by-step help, check out these books:
The Confetti Cakes Cookbook by Elisa Strauss
Cakewalk by Margaret Braun
Cakes To Dream On by Colette Peters

The web forums at and are also wicked awesome resources.

Hope this helps!

Mary Alice

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