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The Man Behind the Baking

We’d like to take a moment to pause from our hectic crazy day to let you in on a little-known secret: the man behind the baking here at Charm City Cakes.

Our very own Chef extraordinaire, Adam, spends his days in the kitchen baking cakes. All of our cakes. All day long. This may not seem like glamorous stuff, but when you consider how much tireless work he puts into this place, it’s about darn time someone gave him his props due. 

Most people don’t realize that for every tier of every cake, Chef Adam bakes three cakes, cuts them, stacks them, ices them, and somehow manages to keep track of which cake is which client’s. It’s no easy task! Just look at the board he uses to organize a week’s worth of baking:

For every cake there can be any number of factors to stay on top of: the shape of the cake, whether it’s carved or stacked, if there are any extra cakes to go with it, and, most important of all, what flavor they are! Here is our Chef putting a layer of white chocolate raspberry filling in a cake:

We have over thirty cake flavors to choose from…it can be a lot to deal with! Many wedding cakes have a different flavor for each tier.  When clients come in to the studio for a consultation, we custom-bake samples for them to try the flavors they’re interested in. Every week Adam bakes dozens of samples for all our weekend appointments and boxes them up (with flavors properly numbered and ordered). Here he is working on this week’s tasting samples:

So, every time you see a magnificently decorated cake on our website or show, take a moment to pause and remember the immense amount of tender love and indefatigable work that Chef Adam has put into it beforehand.

We heart you, Chef Adam!


Mary Alice

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