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Cleveland Rocks!

Hey all you Ohioers (er, Ohioans? Ohioites?)...this weekend Duff and Geof will be appearing at the Fabulous Food Show at Cleveland's International Exposition Center. They will be demonstrating cake decorating techniques as well as meeting and greeting. Personally I am completely jealous I am not going, as Alton Brown will be there too, and he's my Food Network favorite (sorry, Duff!). Duff's promised me he'll get his autograph for me. He... Read on

An Exercise in Self-Control

Duff & the gang are working on a fabulous cake for the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland's Green Carpet Event this week. We are creating a big cake covered in Girl Scout cookies, and a bunch of cakes to serve at the event that will incorporate cookies into the flavors (can you say THIN MINT?!?). The good people at Little Brownie Bakers have sent us boxes and boxes of the oft-imitated but never-duplicated delicious cookies. There are... Read on

Duff Live in Rockford, Illinois

Hey all you Illinoisians! (Er, Illinoisers? Illinoisicans? Illinoisites?) Anyway, those of you in the great state of Illinois, listen up! Duff will be appearing at the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford tomorrow for a cake competition, demonstration, and lots more fun. Click here to get all the details . If you're in the area, you should come'll be a swell time. Bring us back some deep dish pies, Duff! (and not one made out of... Read on

Top Decorating Questions: ANSWERED!

Some of our most frequently asked questions are about specific tools and techniques we use for decorating cakes. While we certainly wish we could answer every single email, unfortunately there are just too many to send thorough responses to every one. That being the case, in an effort to help, we present to you: Your top six decorating questions…ANSWERED! Mary Smith shows Duff how it's done What type of airbrush do you use?... Read on

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