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The Stanley Cup and The Dizz

Hi Kids! I wanted to show you a couple of great photos from when the Stanley Cup visited the bakery (as seen on last week's episode of "Ace of Cakes").

We were nervous to touch it. But we wanted proof that we had. Hence, this picture.

The custom-made Stanley Cup Carrying Case! How cool is that?

A close-up of the engraving of the teams

Ben demonstrates how shiny the cup is by taking his picture in it!

Having the Cup come here was hands down one of the coolest things that has ever happened.

The big news this week from Remington Avenue is that after many, many months of renovations, our favorite watering hole, Dizzy Issies, is FINALLY about to reopen! The bar across the street has been closed for way too long, leaving us with no where to get a decent burger and cold beer in the neighborhood. However, as of tomorrow, Tuesday September 3rd, at 10:00 AM, they will be open for business!

The coolest part? Elaine, the owner, loved the fact that everyone here at the bakery referred to the bar as simply, "The Dizz", so she decided to rename it!

Anyone in the area, please come over this week to show Elaine how much we've missed them. The new and improved Dizz is located at 300 West 30th Street. I, for one, will be there tomorrow evening, making up for lost time with many pints of Stella.

See you there!


Mary Alice

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