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Dudettes, Weird Science, and Peepers

Hi Kids! Things are really hopping here on Remington Avenue.

First and foremost - New Merch is now available at our online store! Get some holiday shopping done early and stock up on sweet CCC swag.

Last week our beloved camera crew arrived back in Baltimore and we commenced filming Season Six of "Ace of Cakes" - holy mackerel! It's truly hard to believe it's been that many.

Since our crew is back, it's time to resurrect your favorite blog feature -

Crew DudETTE of the Week!

Our Crew Dude-Ette this week is the sole female member of our TV crew. This means she must be infinitely patient, tolerant, and awesome. She has one of the wickedest senses of humor in the world, gets stuff done, and takes no guff. We heart you, Trenice!

Full Name: Trenice Bishop
Official Title: Production Assistant
Nicknames: T-Nice, Tre-Nice, Three Nice, The Three-Nice
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland
Ambitions: Still trying to make up my mind about that. But mostly striving toward a noble existence, one day at a time.
Likes: Cherry limeade from Sonic, peanut chews, slurpees, traveling, spending time with my niece and nephew, cooking
Dislikes: Rain on Christmas, tomatoes on anything, spiders
If I had more time I would: Tap into my inner Martha Stewart, write more, and get back into ceramics. And buy more shoes.
Vacation Destination: Italy. For the shoes and the pasta.
My Mottos: "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few that will catch your heart...pursue those." "Work smarter - NOT harder!"

Programming Note
For those of you who have been waiting for Duff's appearance on Paula's Party, wait no more! The "House of Blues" episode is set to air this Saturday, September 27th at 7:00 PM.

News of the Weird
Last weekend Elena left a bag of blue royal icing hanging off the side of her work table. Unfortunately it slowly commenced to drip onto the floor. Fortunately the drips happened over a long period of time, in the exact same spot, so when she came in on Monday she had inadvertently created a FROSTING STALAGMITE!

How freaking awesome is that!?! Now it lives in Elena's windowsill.

Speaking of windows, we get quite a few visitors to the bakery these days. While we find it indescribably cool that people think enough of us to come see the shop, it is difficult sometimes as we don't really have an open door policy.

I just want to let people know that they are more than welcome to stop by and see the place, but we are (and always have been) open by appointment only. Even if you ring the doorbell, unfortunately I can't drop everything and let you come in. Even if you drove all the way from Saskatchewan. We're filming a TV show here, folks.

Sometimes people trying to see into the shop can cause quite a distraction (see the window as poor Elena tries to remind nonplussed).

We love our fans - but truth be told, strangers in the window can get kind of weird. Sometimes we feel like fish in a bowl. Comes with the territory, I suppose. Just please don't yell at me for not letting you in - it's out of my hands and I loathe feeling guilty about saying no.

Oh, and for the record: Those dark plastic gels on the outside of our windows are not there to keep people from seeing in. The TV crew needs them there to keep everything from being washed out while they film inside. They kind of give this place an evil-lair-esque vibe, but it's not meant to.

If you come by to see the shop, the one thing you MUST do is stop by next door and get a cheeseburger and a Stella over at The Dizz. Tell Elaine I sent you!

The little plastic castle is a surprise every time,

Mary Alice

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