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We Love Your Cakes

Happy Friday, Kids!

First of all, here's wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our decorator and resident genius, Ben:

Mister Turner is a jack of all trades and a total cutie. Happy Happy Birthday, Benah!

Next up - we love cake pictures from people - especially hilarious ones. This week we got two absolute winners.

First up, this vertically challenged but incredibly earnest effort from Tori and Kiley:

They report that regardless of how straight it came out, it tasted delicious. I'll bet - is that a chocolate cupcake on top?

We also go this fantastic cake photo from Janice, who was inspired by the gang here at CCC. She entered this cake into a competition and won a blue ribbon!

How awesome is that? And it's got Birthday Boy Ben on it, too, so it's extra special. I especially love that Duff is in the middle of the bakery, just ... dancing? Whatever he's doing, it's hilalrious.

Thanks for the photos, kids! We love 'em.

The one thing we don't need pictures of, however, are those Russian Cakes. Seriously. We get the email with the Russian Cake photos about 5 times a day on average. We love that people are thoughtful enough to send them to us, because they think we will be interested in seeing them. And we were - the first time we saw them - about two years ago. Thanks for the thought but PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME THE RUSSIAN CAKE PHOTOS. I say that with love.

Hope everyone's weekend is delicious!


Mary Alice

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