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West Coast Rumors and Last Week's Coolest Cake

Hi Kids,

Let me take this opportunity to clear up something. Last week's Ace of Cakes featured a trip that Duff and I went on to investigate the possibility of opening up an additional shop in California.

The two key words here, folks, are INVESTIGATE and POSSIBILITY.

We do not have an LA Bakery. We are nowhere near even making a decision about an LA Bakery. We are in Baltimore, as we always have been, and as of right now, that's it.

So please, for the love of sushi, stop sending me emails asking me if you can get a job at our new west coast shop! We don't have one. Seriously. I'll let you know if we ever do. Pinky Swear.

In cake news, I just had to share a cake we did last weekend that I think is absolutely phenomenal. We had two kids getting married who wanted a big glorious peacock as their wedding cake. It may sound like a kuckoo bananas idea, but holy christmas did it turn out awesome!

I know, RIGHT? Lauren should be proud as a peacock over that cake.


Mary Alice

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