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Comix, Caps, and CDOTW

It's a whirlwind of a week here at Charm City Cakes (what else is new?). Tuesday night, Duff, Geof, and Intern-Travis drove up to New York to deliver a birthday cake for Macy's. It's not every day the world's biggest department store turns 150! Tomorrow morning, Duff will be back on the road to Hershey, PA to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Milton Hershey School. Both birthday cakes for these momentous occasions are impressive, but I shant show you any photos as you will have to stay tuned for season 6 of Ace of Cakes to see them. Nyah nyah.

Earlier this week, we received the cutest illustration of Duff, Geof and I in comic form. Elizabeth Harknett is one talented artist, and I am in lurve with this picture because she thoughtfully included my cockatiel Brody in the mix. Plus, Duff looks like a crazed child about to do something very naughty. Appropriate.

More new merch! We're stocking up our online store for the holiday season with all new merchandise. This week bring our new and improved baseball caps, which are, per Duff's request, Flexfit - they have an elastic on the inside so they fit nicely and don't have an ugly snap in the back. New caps come in dark blue, olive green, and jet set black, as modeled by our Sound Tech and former Crew Dude of the Week, John:

Speaking of, it's time for...

Crew Dude of the Week!
This week's crew dude is Monsieur Basil Francois. Yes, that's his real name. Basil's name is ALMOST as cool as he is.

Full Name: Basil Francois
Official Work Title: First Assistant Camera
Nickname: The Bazz (I just made that up -Mary Alice)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Ambitions: To make memorable art
Likes: Walking, reading, snapping pictures, coffee & cigarettes, swimming, laughing, kareoke, staying up late, movies.
Dislikes: Bigots, over sleeping, reaching the bottom of a pint, being clutzy
If I had more time I would: Travel the world by train
Vacation Destination: Japan
My Motto: Happiness cannot be found in one place.

Happy happy Halloween from all of us!


Mary Alice

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