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Mary Smithmas!

Hello kids! I hope everyone's holidays were merry and bright.

It's been a quiet week here at Lake Wobegone, er, I mean Charm City. Last week, we were off for the holidays and this week we have a smattering of New Years Eve wedding cakes for Wednesday night. Very chill and not busy. Also, the Ace of Cakes crew is off this week, so it's very low-key in the bakery right now. Quiet as a mouse!

I am mostly writing just so I can share the hands-down greatest kid's drawing we have ever received at the bakery. Ever.

If you can't read the writing up top, it says:

Gingerbread Man
with Flame Throwers
By Zoe B.

Really, it truly does not get much better than that.

Thanks, Zoe B - You absolutely made our century.


Mary Alice

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