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Stickers and Minimates, oh my!

Hey All - I'm back, after a whirlwind of travel. I feel like I haven't been here in a month. Oh wait, I haven't been. Big news from the party boat! We've got two awesome new additions to our merchandise page . First, in conjunction with the good folks at Mrs. Grossman's stickers, we've created a 12-pack of CCC-inspired cake sticker sheets. They are a must for any collector or scrapbooker, for sure! They are really nice, too - everyone... Read on

No Rest for the Rested

Hi Kids! We're back from vacation. Tanned, rested, and somewhat relaxed. Just when I had had enough coming and going, tomorrow morning Duff, Geof and I will be driving right back to the airport to wing over to Anaheim California. We're doing a bunch of shows at the Celebrity Food Show at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel . I haven't even unpacked from my vacation yet! Needless to stay I'll be up all night doing laundry and repacking my suitcase... Read on

Birthdays, Bands, Boy Crushes, and Bye-Bye!

Hi Kids! The middle of July is birthday central here at Charm City Cakes. What happens when cake decorators make birthday cakes for each other? Last week the gang surprised me with an homage to my pet cockatiel: a beach-tastic birdie, complete with pink bikini and (not shown) a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo on her back. Not to be outdone, exactly seven days later on Mary Smith’s birthday the crew created a replica of her cat,... Read on

Squirrels, leftovers, and CDOOTW

Happy Friday, Kids! I have three items on the table. Item number one: Squirrel Bites! Now that you've seen the season 5 premiere of "Ace of Cakes" (if you didn't, shame on you), I am so excited I get to share a little behind the scenes story about the Charm City Cakes building replica cake that was featured last night. John and Andrea got engaged right in front of our building. For their wedding cake, they asked us to... Read on

What a piece of junk!

The internet is amazing. Last week Elena created a pretty rediculously awesome Millennium Falcon birthday cake. We had barely gotten back from the delivery when Michael (who ordered the cake) had festooned his blog with tales and photos. More internet interest soon followed. Cake news travels fast these days (less than 12 parsecs, for sure).  Stay tuned for a future episode of "Ace of Cakes" that will show all... Read on

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