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Birthdays, and SOTW!

Hello my little birds.

First and foremost, a great big hug, kiss, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARY SMITH! Our favorite source of American Presidential Trivia turns the big Three-Oh today. We heart you, Mary!

Speaking of Birthdays, the American Cancer Society has become the Official Sponsor of Birthdays! Duff and the gang recently teamed up with American Cancer Society and the Culinary Institute of America for a cake contest. The goal was to create a healthy cake recipe that is good for you and fabulously decorated. The finalists came to Charm City Cakes to have their cakes judged by Duff and our decorators. Check out the winning cakes and video from the day here!

CCC Staffer of the Week!
I thought I had made my way through our entire staff with our blog profiles but now we have several new kids on the block that I need to get to! This week's staffer is JOE, formerly known as "Little Joe" or "Intern Joe". Joe is no longer little or an intern. He managed to get himself a work permit and now he's on staff! He's still the youngest one here by many many years, but now he's legit.  Here's his interview!

Full Name: Joseph Alan Weinstein Avery
Nickname(s): Joe
Work Title: Lackey
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Pets: Marley (dog), Mouse, Clementine, Zelda, Baby Girl (cats) and one fish (unnamed)
My Themesong: Lil Wayne / Pop Bottles
What is your favorite word? Chef
What is your least favorite word? Hate
What turns you on? Interesting people
What turns you off? Stupidity
What sound or noise do you love? Music
What sound or noise do you hate? Crying
What profession, other than yours, would you like to attempt? Professional Snowboarder
What profession would you not want to participate in? Trashman (Ed note: The proper term here is "Sanitation Engineer", but we'll forgive him)
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive? "You're lucky."

That's it from Remington Avenue. Remember: Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.


Mary Alice

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