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T-shirts, Cakes, and Pizza Pies

Happy Monday, kids!

We get a lot of really awesome gifts in the mail and at events from Ace of Cakes viewers. Our fans are the most creative, generous, and awesome there are! When Duff was in Atlantic City this weekend, he was presented with three amazing home made t-shirts. Ben, Lauren, and Mary Smith were happy to don them. Ben's especially is pretty fantastic. 

It's been a while since I posted more cake pictures of recent confectionary triumphs put forth by my redonculously talented coworkers. Without futher adieu.

The cake for Cirque du Soleil's show Kooza that came to Baltimore this past spring (each tier was created by a different decorator).

Elena's amazing replica of the USS Enterprise - complete with the cast!

Erica created this Mann's Chinese Theatre cake for a Bat Mitzvah - it even has the guest of honor arriving on the red carpet with a paparazzi line.

Several folks have emailed asking about this was actually created by Duff's Mom, Jackie! When Jackie comes to visit she likes to create a display's obvious from this cake that she is a very talented artist. She works with mosaic and stained glass and took her talents to a cake - the results are stunning. You can see her work on her website,

Finally, a bunch of folks have written in commenting on Duff's pizza preference that appeared on The Best Thing I Ever Ate this weekend. He mentioned the amazing Chicago pizzas of Gino's East and lots of people wanted their info. There are several places you can order Chicago-style pizza and have it shipped. Here you go:

Gino's East (Duff's fave)
Lou Malnati's (my fave)
Giordano's (another one we both love!)

Hope everyone is staying cool in the August heat. Hugs and kisses from Baltimore!


Mary Alice

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