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Purses, Pictures, Pig Outs, Peeps, and Private Planes

Happy Friday, faithful friends!

Due to popular demand, here are two photos of the Vera Bradley cake that Katie created back in March, which was featured on last night's Ace of Cakes.

Close up of the AMAZING hand cut and hand painted detail - isn't Katie brilliant?

While we're posting cake pictures, here are a few more recent creations that my super wicked talented comrades concocted:

Mary Smith's ode to Asian culture and candy - for two twin girls' birthday

Lauren's retro robot - inspired by the robot creations at the American Visionary Art Museum here in Baltimore.

Lots of people write in asking what we do with all the leftover cake that isn't used when we cut it away to create carved shapes. The truth is, Lauren and Ben eat it. All of it. Now you know.

Another new staffer, thus another installment of CCC Staffer of the Week!
I am thrilled to say that after years of working solo (and way too hard on his own), our intrepid baker Adam now has a partner in cake crime. His name is Gabe. Here's his info!

Full Name: Gabriel Lidington Snyder
Nickname(s): Snyderhausen, Gregory, G-Man, Dreadlord
Work Title: Apprentice Cake Stacker Kitchen Assistant, Esquire
Hometown: Snohomish, Washington
Pets: Yvette, Pierre, Otto, Leo, Pearl, Brain, and Pip (goldfish)
My Themesong: Crosseyed & Painless / Talking Heads
What is your favorite word? Weird
What is your least favorite word? Training
What turns you on? Wide open places, wikipedia, fuel efficiency, freckles
What turns you off? Car alarms, long lines, parasites
What sound or noise do you love? A kettle whistling
What sound or noise do you hate? Any sound emanating from my car that may indicate a malfunction.
What profession, other than yours, would you like to attempt? Architect, Old West pioneer, baristo
What profession would you not want to participate in? Taxidermy
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive? "Okay, tallest people first....."

And here is this week's best fan art, both from Katie Lynn of Allentown, PA. The first is an art class project (I hope she got an A!) and the second are Marshmallow Peep likenesses of Duff, Geof, and myself. SO AWESOME.

Finally, for the record, I DO know who got the horseback riding cake that was the "secret client" on last night's episode. But I'm not telling. The cake arrived at its undisclosed location just fine, and the client and his wife loved it. That's all I'm gonna say about that.


Mary Alice

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