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Tweets, Doodles, Gonzofest and Puppies

Well hello, my little birds!

Big news - we are finally on Twitter! We've been asked many times when we're going to get on the bandwagon and create a Twitter account.  We've just starting posting, so make sure to put us on your follow list - we'll be updating a lot with pictures of cakes in progress, behind-the-scenes antics, and opinion polls. Our user name is @charm_citycakes - follow us!

Fan Art of the Week

This week's fan art is by the mysterious and talented Priya. Last week she surreptitiously left this awesome drawing for us by slipping it through our mail slot. She is clearly a talented artist and has quite the eye for detail! Thank you, Priya - we LOVE it!

Beer + Duff's Band = Big Fun

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
This Saturday, September 12th, Duff's band (soihadto) will be playing Gonzofest, a huge beer and music festival sponsored by the Flying Dog Brewery. There is also a chili competition and a Hunter S. Thompson lookalike contest. Plus, you can feel good about the debauchery - a portion of the proceeds will benefit the United Way of Frederick County, Maryland.

Cake for Canines
This Sunday, September 13th, I will be attending the Dog Days of Downtown Silver Spring (in my hometown Montgomery County!).  The event, sponsored by Living Ruff pet store, will feature a super canine-themed cake (which I will nervously deliver). Slices of cake will be auctioned off and all proceeds from cake slices will go to local animal shelters! If that isn't a good enough reason, there will also be free giveaways, dog adoptions, a costume contest, and McGruff the Crime Dog. The pooch party starts at 1:00 PM - hope to see you and all your precious puppies there!

That's it for now. Hope to see you this weekend, or in the Twitterverse!


Mary Alice

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