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Dogs, Frogs, and Wrecks

Happy Hump Day, my little birds.

Sorry about the radio silence - things are really hopping here on Remington Avenue these days and I barely have time to think. We are in the thick of wedding season in Baltimore, as well as shooting season 8 of Ace of Cakes, and it seems like every week there is a bigger, crazier,  more challenging-than-ever project for the decorators.  

Fan Art of the Week
This week's fan art is from Jessica Curlee of Brandon, Missouri. She sent us a sweet note with this awesome illustration of our most recent staff photo.

Cutest. Email. Ever.
I got an email last week from Gina. She wrote:
Last August we packed up and moved 4 hours away from our family and friends because my boyfriend, Brad, got excepted to Nova Southeastern University Pharmacy School. The move was really hard on me and I was very homesick, so Brad, being as sweet as he is, got me a puppy to make me feel better. That's when DUFF came into our lives. A few months later we decided that DUFF needed a friend, and that's how SOPHIE came into our lives. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for always putting a smile on my face. Ace of Cakes is very special to us, because it brings my "family" together. We can all sit on the couch and laugh, no matter how bad the day was.

And then I saw the picture. I will give you a minute to compose yourself after taking in the unholy amount of CUTE that these two dogs are emitting. Gina, your email and photo made us all scream with delight. Needless to say the human Duff and Sophie were both completely touched and thrilled at their namesakes!

Last week's Triumphs

The Ace of Cakes crew was off last week and so they weren't filming in the bakery. Murphy's Law states that when the TV crew is not around, the decorators will make the most absolutely redonkulous cakes ever. Last week was no exception.

First:  A stupendous disco frog sweet 16 extravaganza created by Ben and Mary Smith. The best part? That disco ball SPINS. I'm serious, people.

The other one? Two words for you:

Lionel. Ritchie.

This cake, made by Katherine, may frighten or concern the untrained viewer. If you have no idea what this is, and yet are strangely intrigued by it, let me clue you in. Check out this video from Mr. Ritchie that will explain everything. I can't for the life of me explain why this cake was ordered (FOR A WEDDING!) but I am so glad it was. And yes, we were all singing "Hello?" to each other all week.

Cake Wrecks World Tour
If any of you don't know what Cake Wrecks is yet, get out from the rock you have been living under and go check out the funniest website on the interwebs. We are so happy that Cake Wrecks creator Jen has put out a book of some of the site's most fantastically bad cakes. And she is going on tour!

Next Tuesday October 6th, she will be swinging by the Barnes & Noble in Bethesda, of COURSE we are coming! Lauren will be creating a wrecked cake and we will be bringing it to the signing/reading. I suspect a couple other CCC-ers will be joining us. We hope to see you there! The signing starts at 7:00 PM and the store is located at 4801 Bethesda Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814.

That's it from Remington Avenue. Hope your Wednesday is wicked awesome.


Mary Alice

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