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A Day of Epic Proportions

Man alive - yesterday was out of this world awesome. Hard to pack it all into one blog post.

Jewel Visits!

First, we were thrilled to have the super talented and amazingly beautiful JEWEL come visit us here at the bakery. She kicked off her latest tour last night in Baltimore, and came by to make a cake with Duff and sing us a song. It was so incredible - if you think she's got a gorgeous voice on her albums, hearing it live in front of you from 10 feet away is indescribable. I had goosebumps! She is one of the sweetest people we've ever met and she has a wicked sense of humor, too. She gave us copies of her new album, Lullabye, which I listened to in my car on the way in to work this morning and it's just gorgeous.

Atomic Book Signing!

As if meeting a multiple Grammy-winning musician weren't enough for one day, last night we all headed over to Atomic Books for the big Book Signing Party. We were all so thrilled to be doing a local event at our favorite book store, and we could not BELIEVE how many people showed up! According to Rachel at Atomic, it was the most attended book signing they've ever had. Holy guacamole! There were people lined up around the block in the rain waiting for us.

Once inside, we all lined up with Sharpies poised and ready.

All the folks that came out to see us were SO nice, we were just as excited as they were. Definitely the cutest attendee awards go to these little muffins:

We had so much fun - it was like one big book party!

Benn from Atomic said there were at least 300 people there to see us - incredible.

Even no-longer-little-Joe got to sign autographs! A first for him...don't worry, we won't let it go to his head.

Winners of the longest traveled prize goes to a very fiesty and fun bunch of ladies from Louisiana. They were hilarious! They made signs, it was like the Today show or something. Thank you ladies - you made our night!

From a signer's point of view:

All in all it was just amazing. We are so proud of this book - it isn't a cookbook or a how-to, but more of a scrapbook of who we are and what we do. Duff and his brother Willie did an amazing job really getting the essence of CCC into the pages of the book. We hope you check it out.

And of course a BIG thank to Benn, Rachel, and the entire staff of Atomic Books for throwing such a fun and successful night. We heart you!

Halloween Time!
Saturday is Halloween and we've already gotten a couple of emails from folks who are planning CCC-inspired costumes. This adorable cake is 8-year old Jolie - we love it!

If you have a CCC or cake-themed costume this year please email me pictures, we would love to see them!

That's it for yesterday - I have lots more to tell you but I must attend to the email inbox from hell. Check back soon!

Mary Alice

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