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If Wishes Were Pizzas

Happy Thursday, my little birds!

We had a super special and happy day today at the bakery - with not one, but TWO Make-A-Wish wishees here to visit! Chelsie and Taylor came by and we had a blast decorating cakes, goofing off, and generally having an afternoon of merriment and awesomeness. Here are the girls (in front) with the whole CCC gang:

They left their mark - literally - on the side of our building with Duff:

At the end of the day, we had a super tasty lunch provided - on the house - by our good friends at our most favorite pizza place - Iggies. If you're ever in Baltimore and you want a delicious, crispy gourmet pizza, you must go there. You won't be disappointed. THANK YOU to Lisa and everyone at Iggies for supporting Make-A-Wish and making sure our day ended on a yummy note!

Have a safe and chocolatey-awesome Halloween!


Mary Alice

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