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Big Super Photo Contest Announcement!

Happy Hump Day, my little birds! 

It's hard to believe, but the holidays are around the corner. If you are making your list and checking it twice, don't forget that the Charm City Cakes Store is your one-stop shop for all the coolest holiday gifts. To get you started, we're launching a first-of-its-kind photo contest!

The First Ever
Show Us Your CCC Shirt Photo Contest!

The latest addition to our online store is a very fetching black tshirt with the CCC logo emblazoned in pink on each side. They are the coolest. Don't believe me? Check it:

Here's the deal with the contest. We want to see a photo of you in your CCC pink logo t-shirt (the photo must be of you and/or someone wearing the black and pink CCC shirt). You have until January 15th, 2011 to email us your best photo (please keep it clean, kids) to info at charm city cakes dot com. Your email must include the photo, your name, email address, and mailing address. Get creative - we want to see you and your shirt in wild places, in front of your cake creations, standing on your head, whatever! The staff of CCC will vote on the best photo and the winner will get a SUPER WICKED AWESOME prize pack including an autographed copy of our book, lots of additional merch, and some to-be-determined really cool stuff. We promise it's a prize worth your effort. So get on over to the store, get your shirt, and start snapping!  Legal eagle stuff: All photos become the property of Charm City Cakes and by emailing us your photo, you thereby give permission for us to post it online and/or use it in any other way we see fit, yada yada yada blah blah blah. Winner will be notified by March 15th, 2011.

Cakes of the Week!

This week's cakes are two examples of how freakishly realistic cakes can be. First, a pair of figure skates created by Lauren, for Kelsey's 13th Birthday. It's hard to see but I especially love the blade marks in the "ice" that the cakes are sitting on.

Next up, another birthday cake, which Katie Rose created for an avid anglerr. The cake is a replica of his favorite Tyrolean hat, on a weathered dock.

The cake was a surprise for his birthday. He was quite pleased with the it. Here's proof:

Crew Dude of the Week!

This week's crue dood is Master Paul Kim, who was recently voted "Best Emerging Rap Star" by his CCC coworkers. He is shown here in his usual state, shrouded in mystery.

Here's his interview:
Full name: Paul Hyunyong Kim
Official work title: Production Assistant
Nickname: Paul Kim: he's Korean!
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Ambitions: Being a film director, Hollywood!
Likes: Movies, exercising, comic books, sleeping
Dislikes: Dieting, not getting enough sleep, ignorant selfish people
If I had more time I would: Travel, and make my own short film
Vacation destination: Europe or Tokyo
My Motto: Nothing is impossible!

Cutie Patootie of the Week!

Although we received many really adorable  photos of folks dressed in various and sundry CCC-inspired Halloween costumes, the winner of the best one (paws DOWN) was Penny:

Hugs and kisses to you, Chef Penny!

Finally, many of you have written in asking "Hey! We haven't seen a new episode of Ace of Cakes in months. Dude, what the heck!? When is a new one going to be on?" Good news: the television gods have finally given us an air date for our super big, hour long, season nine FINALE. The episode follows us on our wacky UK adventures this summer.

Ace of Cakes Episode 913: UK Invasion
Thursday December 9th at 10:00 PM EST/PT
Friday, December 10th at 1:00 AM EST/PT
Sunday December 12th at 4:00 PM EST/PT

Here's a sneak peak London behind the scenes photo, taken by Sofia...

That's it from beautiful blustery Baltimore. Stay Classy!


Mary Alice

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