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May the Force Be With Katie

Hey All -

We interrupt our normal wackadoo blog content to bring a more serious and urgent message to light. It has come to our attention via several of our internet pals that there is a young girl named Katie (the cutie patootie at left) who has been teased and bullied at her school. Earlier this week Katie's mother wrote an essay about it and it's gotten a lot of people upset and talking.  As well it should.

The reason Katie was being bullied? Because she likes Star Wars. And she is a girl.

Katie is in first grade.

This is, of course, the most absurd thing we have heard in a really, really long time. A girl being teased for liking Star Wars makes about as much sense as a boy being teased for being a cake decorator.

We would like to add to the growing chorus of people who are telling Katie and all other kids everywhere who dare to be themselves in the face of ignorant jerk bullies that we support you.

And while it may be of little comfort when your feelings are freshly hurt from being teased, please know that for every ignorant mean jerk at school who teases you, there are lots and LOTS more kids like you who grow up to do amazing things. Like make movies. And bake cakes. And go into space. And build buildings. And write music. And anything else they want to do, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl, big or little, white yellow green blue brown orange or tan, gay or straight, tall or short, shy or loud, or anything in between.

We know what it's like to be teased for being different and unique. We've been there. Our little bakery is entirely populated with nerds, outcasts, weirdos, and oddballs. And we like to think we've done pretty okay for ourselves.

So keep your chin up, Miss Katie. Show that Star Wars pride. We believe in you.

United in Support,

The Staff of Charm City Cakes

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