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Thank Gatorade It's Friday

Happy Friday, my little birds! And may I be the first to wish you a very Happy Punctuation Day ! Remember : Good grammar costs nothing . We've been getting a lot of great responses about Duff and Geof's wacky road trip, which has been featured on the last two episodes of Ace of Cakes . The excursion continues next week when the boys head to Muleshoe, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina. Many people have been emailing me asking where... Read on

Sneak Peak

Hey kids - there is a brand spankin' new Ace of Cakes tonight at 10pm EST. Want a sneak peak? This photo speaks for itself. You're welcome. xoxo, Malice Read on

The Blog Is BACK, baby!

Well hello there! After a too-long hiatus I am back on blog duty my friends, and I promise I will not desert you for so long again. Much to report on! I wanted to share a photo of the cake we did for PS22 that aired a couple weeks back on Ace of Cakes and also let you know their website address so you can keep up to date on all their beautiful songs and awesome videos. They are truly a very special... Read on

Over there! Over there! The Yanks are coming over there!

Good morning, my little birds! Big news from the party boat: This very evening, Duff and a whole bunch of the CCC gang are hopping on a trans-Atlantic flight for.....  wait for it.....  wait for it...... That's right friends! We are off the the UK! We are taking this whole road trip thing to a serious extreme and will be gallivanting around London for the next ten days. We'll be taking in the sights, visiting some dear... Read on


Charm City's road trip across the states has come to an end, but that doesn't mean we're staying put for long. Wondering where we are headed next? You're probably thinking Paris, right? Not exactly, but if you do happen to be in Paris, check out the lovely Sugar Plum Cake Shop. Also, we've got some new merch, so head on over to the Charm City Cakes online webstore for some new threads and a pint glass for your lemonade. As to... Read on

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