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Cake Pops and Bon Voyage

Happy Saturday, Cats and Kittens!


For those of you who have always wanted a bite of cake from Duff - now's your chance! Big news! Duff is so stoked to tell you that as of today you can find Duff CAKE POPS in all Sam's Club locations. The cake pops are delicious bite sized pops of cake that come in three yummaroo flavors : Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Birthday Cake. Find your local Sam's club and pick some up today!


We want to wish a fond (but temporary) farewell to our intrepid Mark as he ventures off to Paris for an extraordinary cake ambassador mission!

Mark will be spending the next several weeks working at Sugarplum Cake Shop, a magnifique Parisian bakery and cake shop owned by three very talented ladies. He will be learning some tricks and tools of the trade from them, and also passing on some knowledge he's learned here at CCC.

We'll miss you Mark! Bring us back lots of croissants.


Also, here's a secret inside scoop you didn't hear from me : When you tune into tomorrow afternoon's Ravens / Steelers game, keep your eyes peeled. You just might see some familiar faces and/or cakes when they come back from a commercial break.

That's it from the 410. Have the most terrific weekend ever!


Mary Alice

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