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Happy Thursday Lovies!

Just got this email and I had to share. Lori emailed Duff to let him know that she used Duff's decorating products to make her son's birthday cake. She writes:

I just wanted to share with you a cake I made for my son's 16th birthday.  Austyn wanted a Schecter guitar, but it had to be a special edition, of course.  I was so unsure of what to do but finding your products at Michael's Craft Store really saved my day!   I have included attachments that show the cake and a picture of the actual guitar he wanted the cake modeled after.  

I used the edible graffiti, the frostings, and your fondants. I was amazed at the end result!!!  I have no training whatsoever in cake decorating, but have been making wedding cakes & birthday cakes for family and friends for many years.  

I can see all the flaws and [I'm] sure you can too..but he loved it and that is what mattered most to me.

Thank you for the inspiration!


Here is the actual guitar she used for the cake design:

And here is the cake!

Let me just speak for everyone here when I say WOWSERS! Lori, this is one impressive cake. Austyn is such a lucky duck to have such a talented, creative, and awesome Mom!

We are totally impressed with this cake and are INSPIRED by what you can do when you set your mind to it.

Seeing how Duff and his decorating products have inspired Lori and others to get creative makes us SO HAPPY!

If you have used Duff's decorating line to create something special please email us a photo at info at charm city cakes . com - we'd love to see your amazing and inspiring confections!

Now go get off the internet, get out there and make something awesome!


Mary Alice


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