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Gleek Out!

Happy Autumn to you all and a big loud extra jazz hands HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incomparable Elena Fox today. You rock our socks!


In case anyone missed it, last night's episode of Glee featured a brief but hilarious shout out to Ace of Cakes! In the locker room scene, Coach Beiste is in a leg cast, briefing the football team and started out with, "Okay ladies. One: I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was cancelled. Hence, the crutches." As a proud and die-hard Gleek I must admit that this nearly made me spit take when I was watching last night. I think I rewound it and watched it about 6 times. We've really made it now!

Duff Cake Product Cake Cavalcade

After we got Lori's impressive guitar cake she made with Duff's decorating products we mentioned if anyone had any other cake creations to share to send them in. Boy, did you guys deliver! We got a ton of gorgeous and fun cakes made with Duff stuff. Here are a just a few of the creative creations:

Angry Birds! Marissa made this cranky dude for her son's 6th birthday. I hope he got to throw it at a pig cake.

How adorable is this cake? It's creator, Paula, writes:

I wanted to say "Thanks" to you for the "DUFF" Products found at Michaels! I am a stay at home Canadian (Ontario) Mom of 2 girls aged 6 & 9. I have been tinkering around in the kitchen and I am enjoying each and every bit of it! I love Duff Products and so happy that there are many, many choices and always something new and exciting!

Thought I would share a cake with you that I made! It is made using your Electric Colour those colours, especially together! That lime green rocks!

I have also used your texture tiles and wires in other cakes! Everything has been fantastic!

And finally - we got these adorable photos from Karyn of her kids Kayla (8), Chris (6) and Hannah (3) who went to town making - and then devouring - their first cake this summer. They are the cutest cutie patooties!

CCC Staffer of the Week

This week's staffer is Kieran. He is one of our expert and trusted delivery specialists. Here's his interview:

Full Name: Kieran Edward Gillen
Nickname(s): kierby, kier one imports, lake kerie, kearring aids, keironious monk
Work Title: delivery driver
Hometown: media pennsylvania
Pets: my cat mags, aka kid the cat
My Themesong: corona - rhythm of the night
What is your favorite word? Zookeeper
What is your least favorite word? weird
What turns you on? Grace
What turns you off? Stress
What sound or noise do you love? cicadas
What sound or noise do you hate? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
What profession, other than yours, would you like to attempt? spy, mad scientist
What profession would you not want to participate in? deep sea welder, evil cake decorator
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive? oh! I was expecting Duff! (delivery joke)

That's it from Remington Avenue, my friends. Hope you're all having a most terrific day.


Mary Alice

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