Top Tiers

We now have Top Tiers that can be ordered in 6-inch (serves 8) or 8-inch (serves 15).  From baby showers to birthday parties, Top Tiers are a fabulous addition to any celebration. These cakes serve 15 and fit safely in any vehicle or under any airplane seat. Simply choose from our gallery, pick your favorite flavor, and add your customization options.  After you place your order, we’ll send you a confirmation with your pick up time and directions to our shop. Enjoy!

Cake: Elegant Wreath
Cake: Penguin Love
Cake: Butterfly
Cake: Modern Lemon
Cake: Happy Days
Cake: Armed Forces
Cake: Rainbow
Cake: Bling
Cake: USA
Cake: Flower Pot
Cake: Get Well
Cake: Tiffany
Cake: Storm Trooper
Cake: Ravens
Cake: Punk Rawk
Cake: Orioles Magic
Cake: Go Team!
Cake: Gold Crown
Cake: Crab Bushel
Cake: CCC Autographs
Cake: Chocolate Harlequin
Cake: Boba Fett
Cake: Anniversary
Cake: Animal Print
Cake: Set Sail
Cake: Pink Black Dot
Cake: Zig Zag
Cake: Well Done
Cake: BOH
Cake: Fresh Flower
Cake: Pirate
Cake: Spring Ribbon Flowers
Cake: Confetti
Cake: Holiday Present
Cake: Festival Present
Cake: Graduation Hat
Cake: Pink Polka Dot
Cake: Welcome Baby
Cake: Wild Zebra