Behind the Bakery

Hey, interwebs! We wanted to switch up our blogging game a bit and introduce our very first vlog series called Behind the Bakery! Each vlog will showcase a Charm City Cakes staff member as our interviewer, Maude Kasperzak, delves into the hard hitting questions no interviewer has dared to ask before (not really)!

So sit back, relax, and get to know our Baltimore-born General Manager Joanna McAvoy!

Enjoy! :-)


1. Where are you from? Baltimore County

2. Any pet? A mini Italian greyhound named Rafiki! 

3. What did you do before CCC? A DC consultant

4. What lead you to apply to CCC? Looking for a career change+Craigslist! 

5. Favorite Ace of Cakes staff member? Geof Manthorne! 

6. Favorite cake that has been made since you've  been here? Testudo cake

7. What would your reality show be called? Jojo's Rom-com! 

8. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

9. Cupcakes or cake jars? Cake jars

10. Sculpted or tiered cake? Tiered

11. Favorite food item at the Dizz? Platters and chicken marsala! View the deliciousness here! 

12. Dream vacation? Colorado River rafting

13. Least favorite word? MOIST

14. Most favorite word? FUNNILY

15. What turns you on spiritually, emotionally or creatively? Bright neon colors! 

16. What sound or noise do you hate? Squeeking styrofoam! 

17. What sound or noise do you love? Rain and train horns

18. What's another job you'd like to try? Real estate agent

19. What's a job you would not like to try? Anything in the grease trap industry

20. What do you think cakes will look like in the year 3017? Back to basic cakes! 

Also, check out those CCC leggings we were gushing about here! They look great and give you magic cake decorating powers!